Spring Cleaning

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You probably thought this was going to be about cleaning out your closets and doing a deep clean of your living space, right?  Surprise!  It’s not.  We often think about de-cluttering our homes, garages, storage spaces, but how often do we think about trying to de-clutter our minds?

Think about it – how much time and energy do you spend thinking about this problem or that relationship, about stressors in your life, or how you wish you could change reality?  In addition to (or maybe instead of) cleaning out your closets this spring, perhaps you could spend some time asking yourself, “What am I emotionally and mentally holding onto that is no longer of use for me?” 

If it helps, make a list of the old and create a list of the new.  Notice when the “junk” tries to sneak back into your life, and practice letting it go by visualizing packing it up in a box and sending it away. 

Identifying what’s unhelpful and practicing letting go, can clear out A LOT of space in your life.  When we can let things go that are damaged or no longer useful, we are able to fill up the space with more meaningful, life-giving, and FUN activities, ideas, relationships, etc.! 

That being said, Happy Spring Cleaning! smiley

Sarah Buller, MA, Health Coach/Behavioral Health Clinician
Sarah has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver and is also a Certified Personal Trainer.  She has been a Health Coach and Behavioral Health Clinician at Denver Health since 2014 and in this role provides support and motivation to others to help them achieve their health goals.