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I love being efficient.  I get a natural high from finding the most timesaving, least wasteful way to do things. I recently went to a training that focused on how to improve processes. The training focused on processes in the workplace, but think of all the “processes” that go on in your everyday life. A few examples:  getting ready in the morning, driving from point A to point B, cooking dinner, etc. 

I’d like to share with you a few “wastes” that can keep whatever process it is from being the most efficient and effective:

  1. Over-producing – Making more than what you need. Example: making too much food and not saving or eating the leftovers later on!
  2. Lack of clarity – You don’t actually know what the task is that you’re trying to complete or were asked to complete. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have clear instructions so you’re not wasting your own time and energy trying to figure out what you should be doing?!
  3. Inventory – Having more than you need. Example: You buy too much at Costco and the food goes bad. OR, you’re eating lunch and grab 3 napkins when you really only needed one!
  4. Motion – this one can be tricky. Examples: sending back and forth multiple texts when you could have only 1 phone call. Or, think about this – how many unnecessary steps do you take and minutes do you spend at home trying to find something? Do you ever move things around and forget where you put them? Think about what your spice cabinet looks like…I get so frustrated when I spend time moving all the other spices looking for the thyme! 

I encourage you to start looking for “wastes” when you’re home, at work or when you’re out and about. After you notice a waste, the challenge is then to see if you can do something about it to make whatever the identified “waste” is less wasteful and more efficient. Good luck and have fun! 

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Sarah Buller

Sarah has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver and is also a Certified Personal Trainer.  She has been a Health Coach and Behavioral Health Clinician at Denver Health since 2014 and in this role provides support and motivation to others to help them achieve their health goals.