Winter Workout

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When the winter blues are getting you down, keep active for physical and mental health. Don’t let the cold, ice and snow stop you. Here's a creative, compact workout that can be done in your own home (2-3 minutes for each move):

  • Warm up. Put on some music that makes you feel like moving, and dance around the living room.
  • Walk up and down the steps.
  • Do dumbbell curls and presses (if you don't have weights, use full water bottles).
  • Do squats, keeping your back on a fitness ball against the wall or using the back of the couch for support.
  • Shadow box. Lift and lower the left leg; jab with the right arm, then the left; then lift and lower
  • Fence (you don't even need swords). Pretend you're holding a sword in each hand. Make an X pattern standing still, then move forward and back.
  • Hop on your exercise bike or treadmill, or use a weighted hula hoop. If you don't have any of those, just go back to dancing.
  • Do stomach crunches.