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"6 Ways to Ensure Your Holidays are Happy and Stress-Free" from

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With the words “joy”, “merry”, and “cheer” broadcast in every direction, it’s hard to forget that the holidays are a season dedicated to happiness. Yet somewhere among the Black Friday crowds and overbearing relatives, uplifting adjectives can give way to stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

Reclaim your right to happiness throughout the holidays this year by taking control and putting seasonal stress in its place.

Think Spring: 3 Steps to Quickly Managing Stress

Life is full of modern day stressors. Whether it’s financial, relationship, work, or health related, it can permeate every cell of your entire being. We all experience stress to some degree. Some days or weeks are more stressful than others. It’s really how we cope and manage the stress that matters. Here are three small actions that you can do at any time to help relieve your stress.

"Can Mindfulness Meditation Reduce Belly Fat?" from

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Mindfulness and meditation is known to improve psychological health, but how can being present actually change your body fat and help you lose weight? The answer lies in the psychological aspects of weight gain and eating habits. Mindfulness has been shown to lower binge eating, emotional eating, and weight loss. Here's some more information about how mindfulness can help you lower belly fat and lose weight.

Spring Cleaning

You probably thought this was going to be about cleaning out your closets and doing a deep clean of your living space, right?  Surprise!  It’s not.  We often think about de-cluttering our homes, garages, storage spaces, but how often do we think about trying to de-clutter our minds?

Book Recommendations

I find myself making a lot of book recommendations to clients depending on their particular struggles (or successes!).  The following is a short list of books I think anyone could benefit from exploring:

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Dr. Frankl was a psychiatrist during World War II and was imprisoned in a concentration camp.  This books tells of his struggles and triumphs during his imprisonment; a powerful illustration of the power of our minds.

"The Keys to Happiness When You're an Introvert" from

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Take a moment and imagine the happiest person you know. Got him or her in mind? Now think about how you would describe that person’s personality.

Did adjectives like outgoing, energetic, or bubbly come to mind? It’s very likely that one of the personality traits you described is related to extroversion, or the tendency to draw energy from being engaged with the world and social situations. Studies do show that the extroverted among us are also more likely to be happier.

"Alzheimer's Prevention Diet: 11 Tasty Foods that Reduce Dementia Risk" from

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1. Berries

Want to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease as well as other types of dementia? Here are 11 foods that researchers have studied and found to be correlated with a lower risk of dementia.

Eating strawberries, blueberries, and acai fruit appears to counteract some of the declines in cognition that were noticed in research related to poor diet.