Rock Out - The Best Way to Beat Stress!

Many demands are placed on our daily lives and it seems that stress follows us wherever we go. We can experience stress in our relationships, at work, managing hectic schedules, or from health issues. Life can be more difficult to navigate when we are stressed. I set up a personal experiment to find the best way to beat stress. The cure that I discovered was so basic, it surprised me. Music!

Choose the Best Shoe

Put your best foot forward and start being healthier today. When you begin a walking program, there are two important things to keep in mind: stay hydrated and wear the right shoes. When you choose a walking shoe, choose one that is comfortable and gives you the support you feel your foot needs. Everyone has different needs when it comes to support and cushioning. A newer shoe will provide more padding from the sole of the shoe because it hasn’t been worn down yet. Be aware that even if a shoe doesn’t look worn, it may feel worn due to regular usage.

Financial Un-Wellness

Husband and Wife frustrated by family budget

“I’m a bit short this month.”

“I’m barely getting by.”

If these phrases sound familiar, you’re not alone. 72% of adults report feeling stressed about money at least some of the time, and financial problems are consistently rated among the highest source of stress for people.  The financial stress that many endure can lead to financial un-wellness and a host of physical and emotional health problems including:

How to Live What You Value

traveling in the mountains

I know I’m not the only person that struggles to save money. I find it challenging to save for long-term goals when there are so many immediate wants (not needs) that I can have right in front of me. If you are familiar with the Enneagram, my personality falls under category number 7. I’m the busy, fun-loving, spontaneous, versatile, distractible, and scattered type. This may shed some light on why saving money isn’t my greatest skill.

What is Wellness?

WELLNESS is a term that we hear about more and more these days…but what exactly is wellness?  Often diet and exercise are the first to come to people’s minds, but in reality, wellness is so much more than that.  Although nutrition and physical activity are certainly a major component to staying physically fit and play a huge role in managing chronic conditions, these other areas are often overlooked but greatly impact one’s overall health & well-being:

What? Eating Fats with my Veggies is Beneficial?

What? Eating some fat with my veggies is beneficial? Yep! It is important to eat a balanced diet that does include some fat from high quality, minimally processed sources in order for our bodies to absorb the nutrients from the other healthy foods we should be eating on a regular basis. Now – this does not give you free reign to go eat as much fried food as you can, but it does provide for some of those guilty pleasures!