"Can Mindfulness Meditation Reduce Belly Fat?" from VeryWell.com

Interested in learning about whether meditation can help with your weight? Read the article below from VeryWell.com.

Mindfulness and meditation is known to improve psychological health, but how can being present actually change your body fat and help you lose weight? The answer lies in the psychological aspects of weight gain and eating habits. Mindfulness has been shown to lower binge eating, emotional eating, and weight loss. Here's some more information about how mindfulness can help you lower belly fat and lose weight.

Research Corner #2

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Sleep and soda:
Researchers examined data on 19,000 individuals and found that adults who sleep 5 hours or less per night drink more caffeinated sugary soda than individuals who sleep more than 5 hours per night. Soda and lack of sleep are independently linked to obesity.

"Using Walking Meditation for Stress Relief" from VeryWell.com

Want to learn more about the health benefits of walking? Read this article from VeryWell.com below.

Meditation is one of the great stress management techniques because it carries many varied benefits. However, more than a few people have found it to be challenging at first. Walking meditation provides the benefits of meditation combined with the benefits of exercise, and has the bonus benefit of being easy to learn, thereby making walking meditation a great technique for those new to meditation.

Here's how walking meditation works:

Difficulty: Easy

"15 Healthy Foods For Heart Disease" from VeryWell.com

Want to read about foods that fight heart disease? Read this article below from VeryWell.com:

Following a healthy diet is a recommended way to prevent heart disease and there appears to be growing consensus on what a heart-healthy diet looks like. In addition to the fundamentals, certain foods are being explored for their potential cardiovascular benefits. While much of the research is in the earliest stages, some of these foods may make tasty additions to your regular grocery list. Here's the scoop on 15 of these foods with some delicious ways to prepare them!

Spring Cleaning

You probably thought this was going to be about cleaning out your closets and doing a deep clean of your living space, right?  Surprise!  It’s not.  We often think about de-cluttering our homes, garages, storage spaces, but how often do we think about trying to de-clutter our minds?

Book Recommendations

I find myself making a lot of book recommendations to clients depending on their particular struggles (or successes!).  The following is a short list of books I think anyone could benefit from exploring:

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Dr. Frankl was a psychiatrist during World War II and was imprisoned in a concentration camp.  This books tells of his struggles and triumphs during his imprisonment; a powerful illustration of the power of our minds.