Head-to-Toe Skin Cancer Check

Reducing your risk of skin cancer begins with getting to know your body and all the birthmarks and moles you already have. It’s important to know the normal look and feel of these marks so you know when something is changing.

Make sure you have plenty of light and use a hand-held or full-length mirror. Things you will want to notice are: a new mole (that looks different from your other moles, a new red or darker color flaky patch that may be a little raised, a change in the size, shape, color, or feel of a mole or birthmark, or a sore that doesn’t heal.

"Six Myths About Gluten-Free Food Products" from VeryWell.com

Do you want to know what 'gluten-free' really means? Read this article from VeryWell.com

As consumers, we learn to trust food labels — especially when we must follow a specific diet due to a condition like celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. But do gluten-free labels really mean what we think they mean? Here are six myths about gluten-free food products, and the truth behind our assumptions.

Myth No. 1: "Gluten-Free" on a label means the food contains zero gluten.

Think Spring: 3 Steps to Quickly Managing Stress

Life is full of modern day stressors. Whether it’s financial, relationship, work, or health related, it can permeate every cell of your entire being. We all experience stress to some degree. Some days or weeks are more stressful than others. It’s really how we cope and manage the stress that matters. Here are three small actions that you can do at any time to help relieve your stress.

"How to Reduce the Health Hazards of Grilling Your Food" from VeryWell.com

Want to learn more about the health hazards of grilling food? Read this article from VeryWell.com:

While foodies may rave about the grill marks on the burgers or chicken you cook outdoors, you should know that those prized stripes are actually carcinogens that form when meat is cooked over high heat.

The fire, smoke, and effects of grilling cause a chemical reaction and the compounds that form are hazardous to your health. If you love the taste of grilled food, you should recognize that it is not a healthy method of cooking.

Carcinogens form when:

Stay Safe on Foot and Bike

Walking and biking around Denver is a great way to get around, get exercise, have fun and maybe even save some money. There are over twenty miles of dedicated bike lanes in Denver, providing easy access to downtown as well as many miles of bicycle and hiking trails along Cherry Creek and the Platte River.

Enjoy Youth Sports Injury Free

Playing sports is a great way for kids to learn about teamwork, get exercise and make friends. You will want to help them prepare properly in order to prevent injury. It is important to make sure your child is wearing appropriate protective gear for their sport. Talk to your child’s coach to make sure your child gets the right training to safely play their sport. Be aware that high-impact, contact sports like football, soccer and hockey raise the risk of concussion and possible brain injury.

Here are some of the symptoms of concussion:

Mother Knows Best

I remember when I was 13, any advice my mother gave me made me want to cringe, roll my eyes, and say, “I already know, mom!”  Now age has given me more wisdom and perspective on life.  And I have come to realize that perhaps mother did know best.  She was only giving me love and advice so I could avoid life’s pitfalls.  Here is some wise motherly advice that was shared by my teammates in Behavioral Health and Wellness:

Diabetes and Eye Exams

Why do people with diabetes need eye exams?
Diabetes (also called high blood sugar) can lead to eye problems that cause vision loss or blindness. Everyone with diabetes should have eye exams. The longer you have diabetes, the more likely you will have eye problems. By the time you notice any vision problems, your eyes may already be seriously damaged. A complete exam can help find symptoms early. Early treatment may help protect your vision.

An eye exam can check for common eye problems that can develop over a period of years.